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Blessing Alien Escape

Escape from the Area 51 disguising yourself of human objects! · By Cactus Game Studios, Dertzack, Arknostik


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Minor changes and update to alpha build
Hi there mates! We this time we released two versions at the same time, one is the Alpha Build with some changes and fixes and the other is the Tutorial. In sho...
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Testing our tutorial
Hey guys, We are finishing up our tutorial map and we have been testing it for these last few days. Although it is still in development, meaning that everything...
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New character, fixes and news!
Hi there! This time we are bringing some awesome things like our new character and some fixes! If you would like to read more about it, check out our devblog...
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Blessing Alien Escape V0.0.2
Hey guys! We changed quite a lot of things for this version and we hope you like it! Patch notes: The AI now talk with animated dialog balloons. Added Feedback...
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Blessing Alien Escape V0.0.1
Hey Guys! We did some changes to the demo here and there, these are the major changes: Added localization for English(US) and Portuguese(Brazil). You can now di...
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Blessing Alien Escape V0
Hey everyone! This is the first demo we released to public and it was made for a meeting here in Brazil, so there is some Portuguese in the game. The game is st...
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